Silje's appearances

the year 2000


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date place, country / broadcast venue details
March 21 Norwegian release of the album Port Of Call
March 24 Norwegian TV (NRK)   guest in the TV talk-show 'Først & Sist'
May (or a bit earlier) Oslo, Norway singing a couple of songs in a music shop
May 11 Stavanger, Norway Stavangeren Konserthus MaiJazz
May 24 Bergen, Norway Kulturhuset USF Nattjazz 2000
May .. (Oslo?), Norway   together with Kringkastingsorkester (KORK)
June 5 (or 6) Halden, Norway Kongens Brygge Sommerjazz; outdoor conert with the Silje Trio (with Stian Carstensen and Thomas Strønen); known songs: If you love somebody (cover Sting) / Saving all my love for you (cover Whitney Houston) / My funny Valentine (cover Billie Holiday) / Lullaby of Birdland (cover Ella Fitzgerald)
June 7 Hamar, Norway at noon start of the countdown towards June 7. 2005, the first centennial of the liberation from Sweden
August 31 Kongsberg, Norway Bykroa, Gyldenløve Hotell Silje Nergaard, Stian Carstensen and Thomas Strønen
September (15, or a bit earlier) Hamburg, Germany Auditorium  
September 29 Sarpsborg, Norway Glenghuset concert with Thomas Strønen and Stian Carstensen; technician: Lars Ferdinand Bergersen
October 6 Norwegian TV (NRK)   live performing with Heine Totland among other musicians
October 7 Bergen, Norway Swing’n’Sweet Jazzclub
November 4  Leverkusen, Germany   Leverkusener Jazztage, 'Verve Night'
November 6 Heidelberg, Germany Karlstorbahnhof
November 8 München, Germany Bayerischer Hof  
November 10 Aalen, Germany JazzFestival
November 13 Karlsruhe, Germany Jubez  
November 26 Oslo, Norway Konserthus Julekonsert, organised by the Salvation Armee and the NRK; performing with Heine Totland among other musicians; broadcasting on December 9 (NRK1)
December 15 On Dutch TV in the first program of Cor & Co where Cor Bakker (pianist, orchestra leader) meets musicians; Silje is singing the song Me Oh My