Silje's appearances

the year 2000


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date place, country / broadcast venue details
March 8Bodø, NorwayAd Lib Jazz ClubLadies' Night; Silje accompanied by the Ad Lib house band: Finn Robert ''Fro" Olsen (guitar), Kjell Joar Petersen Øverleir (bass), Magnus Johansen (keyboards) and Daniel Horn (drums)
March 21 Oslo, NorwayBlåNorwegian release of the album Port Of Call; Silje with Georg Wadenius (guitar), Jarle Vespestad (drums), Harald Johnsen (bass) and Tord Gustavsen (grand piano)
March 24Norwegian TV (NRK)
guest in the TV talk-show 'Først & Sist'
May (or a bit earlier)Oslo, Norway
singing a couple of songs in a music shop
May 11 Stavanger, Norway Stavangeren Konserthus MaiJazz
May 19 Kveøya, Norway Grendehuset Kveøydagene (Kveøya days); Silje accompanid by Dr. Ytterstad's band
May 22
Kongsvinger, Norway
Kvinnemuseet (Women's Museum)
opening of the exhibition "Camilla's laughter - the women's movement through 150 years"; Silje did two songs
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May 24Bergen, NorwayKulturhuset USF Nattjazz 2000
May 25
Bergen, Norway
Nattjazz 2000; outdoor concert
May ..(Oslo?), Norway
together with Kringkastingsorkester (KORK)
June 5
Halden, Norway Kongens Brygge Sommerjazz; outdoor conert with the Silje Trio (with Stian Carstensen and Thomas Strønen); known songs: If you love somebody (cover Sting) / Saving all my love for you (cover Whitney Houston) / My funny Valentine (cover Billie Holiday) / Lullaby of Birdland (cover Ella Fitzgerald)
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June 6
Sarpsborg, Norway
Gleng Musikkfestival (Sarpsborg/Fredrikstad); Silje Nergaard
June 7 Hamar, Norway
at noon start of the countdown towards June 7. 2005, the first centennial of the liberation from Sweden
June 9
Son, Norway
Silje Quartet, with Silje accompanied by Tord Gustavsen (piano), Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Harald Johnsen (double bass)
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June 16
Mo i Rana, Norway Gruben kirke
Serie of 4 concerts in Helgeland area: "Second Sacred Consert"; Silje is soloist, with the Dioc Storband and Helgeland Chamber Choir, conducted by Øivind Mikalsen;
Silje sang 'Come Sunday' and 'Heaven',
among others
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June 17
Mosjøen, Norway Pinsekirken Betel
"Second Sacred Consert"; see June 16; in the afternoon
June 17
Brønnøysund, Norway Brønnøysund kirke
"Second Sacred Consert"; see June 16; in the evening
June 18
Sandnessjøen, Norway
Sandnessjøen kirke
"Second Sacred Consert"; see June 16
July 1
Horten, Norway
Nattjazz; Silje
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August 10
Kongsvinger, Norway Kvinnemuseet (Women's Museum)
Kongsvinger Musikkfestival
August 25
Berlin, Germany

Silje and Band
August 26
Bjørkelangen, Norway
Bjørkelangen kirke
Musikkfestival; Silje and Band
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August 31 Kongsberg, Norway Bykroa, Gyldenløve Hotell Silje Nergaard, Stian Carstensen and Thomas Strønen
September 1
Holmestrand, Norway
Holmestrand Fjord Hotell
Natt Jazz; Silje with Harald Johnsen (bass), Thomas Strønen (drums) and Tord Gustavsen (piano)
September (15, or a bit earlier) Hamburg, Germany Auditorium
September 29 Sarpsborg, Norway Glenghuset concert with Thomas Strønen and Stian Carstensen; technician: Lars Ferdinand Bergersen
October 6 Norwegian TV (NRK)
live performing with Heine Totland among other musicians
October 7Bergen, NorwayDen Stundeløse
Swing’n’Sweet Jazzclub; Silje and her Band
October 12 Tromsø, Norway Kulturhuset, storsalen advert
October 28 Fredrikstad, Norway Fredrikstad bibliothek (library) Part of a literature festival; Silje performs alongside some literary guests
November 4
Leverkusen, Germany
Leverkusener Jazztage, 'Verve Night'
November 6 Heidelberg, Germany Karlstorbahnhof
November 8 München, Germany Bayerischer Hof
November 10 Aalen, Germany
November 13 Karlsruhe, Germany Jubez
November 26 Oslo, Norway Konserthus Julekonsert, organised by the Salvation Armee and the NRK; performing with Heine Totland among other musicians; broadcasting on December 9 (NRK1)
December 15 Dutch TV
in the first program of Cor & Co where Cor Bakker (pianist, orchestra leader) meets musicians; Silje is singing the song Me Oh My
December 16 Norwegian TV (NRK 1)
Deilig er Julen ("Delicious is Christmas"); Silje participates among others