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the year 2000 - June 16. - 18.


article in Rana Blad, Monday June 19. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje shone

Concert        ''Second Sacred Concert''
Location:      Gruben kirke (Mo i Rana)
Featuring:     Silje Nergaard (soloist), DIOC Big Band, Helgeland Chamber Choir
Audience:     Ca. 300
Playing time: 1 h 30 min.

RANA: "Second Sacred Concert" was a unique experience for more than 300 jazz enthusiasts who had turned up to enjoy Silje Nergaard's voice in what must be described as a heavenly concert.

Silje Nergaard and co. received a warm reception when they performed top-class jazz on Friday.

Helgeland Chamber Choir let lose. DIOC impressed, and soloist Silje Nergaard immersed herself in the very heart chambers of people, during the performance of Duke Ellington's '' Second Sacred Concert '' in Gruben church.

Conductor Øyvind Mikalsen opened the evening by encouraging the audience to be spontaneous - clapping, shouting or howling whenever they feel like it.

And the conductor received an absolute response. As the audience had warmed up, they clapped happily after each solo performance, and soon became so warm-hearted and expectant that they even began to clap as soon as a musician got up to seemingly blow out a few notes.

Complete musical expression

The big star of the concert was undoubtedly Silje Nergaard, who not only did a sweepingly great individual performance. She also had a positive impact on the rest of the musicians. Roughly speaking, it can be said that the concert would probably have been good if Nergaard had not been a soloist, but it would hardly have been fantastic.

DIOC Storband opened a little cautiously, but immediately got more power in their fingers when Silje and Helgeland Chamber Choir entered the podium and made the musical expression complete. Silje opened by performing "Come Sunday", from the first of Ellington's Sacred Concerts, and she immediately put things in a swinging state.

Helgeland Chamber Choir had a real impact and an impressive rhythm in their performances. "Something about believing" marked the beginning of the choir's absolute enthusiasm, and they further showed that they really knew their jazz with the captivating song "Don't get down".

Unique interaction

The highlights of the concert were many, but the real climaxes were the few songs performed by both Silje, choir and big band, and especially the song ''Heaven'', which sounded - yes, quite heavenly.

DIOC Storband deserves great praise for their performance, which was not only accomplished but also unique. They did not make the impossible attempt to copy the original, but rather added its own sound to the solo numbers.

The instrumental songs ''The Sheperd'' and ''Meditation'', gave a wide 'carte blanche' to the musicians, and allowed great individual freedom. Part of the point of jazz is precisely that it consists not only of notes, but also of emotion and improvisation. Soloists who gave their utmost were Ragnar Meidel Eriksen on alto saxophone and clarinet, Lars Næss on trumpet and Lars Erik Drevvatne on piano.

And that does not necessarily mean that the other soloists or the other musicians were anywhere near bad. What made the concert experience so fantastically good was the good collaboration between the choir, band and Silje Nergaard.

Text and photo: Ingvild T. Eilertsen


Silje Nergaard was soloist during Duke Ellington's ''Second Sacred Concert'' and sang to standing ovations.

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