Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - April 7.


article in Sandefjords Blad, Thursday April 6. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Musical play with Nergaard

Paal Even Nygaard

Silje Nergaard comes to Sandefjord and Promenaden on Friday to play - and those are her own words.

"Playful and fun, spontaneous and calm", says Nergaard to Sandefjords Blad about the concert.

She says it as a basic rule; for none of her concerts are alike. The main features are there anyway - jazz in a personal way, whether it's own songs or interpretation of others.

Silje Nergaard has always gone her own way. On her new album, where the reviews have been unanimously positive, she shows a love for the melodies. She has taken some of the inspiration from the parent generation.

''The music has long been undynamic and mechanical. We must not forget the real music, and I think young people today are curious about where the music, the roots, come from'', she says.

At the concert on Friday, where she is accompanied by accordion and drums, much of the material is taken from her new album, where three songs are her own. There will hardly be a moment of reflection with a look back at her five previous records.

"The concert will be quite jazz-influenced, but will also contain some pop songs," she says.

She is not currently on tour. She calls the Sandefjord visit "a short trip from Oslo". But with parents and sister living in the city, it will probably be a pleasant trip.

Photo: With her sixth record on the market as luggage, Silje Nergaard will come to Sandfjord tomorrow. Photo: Jarl Fr. Erichson / Scanpix