Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - May 11.


article in Rogalands Avis, Thursday May 11. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje Nergaard on housewife holiday

By Einar Owe Einarsen
and Alfred Aase (photo)

Silje Nergaard is enjoying the freedom in Stavanger before tonight's MaiJazz concert at Breivei. As a mother of young children, she appreciates being able to have a few quiet mornings before the performance. But the days are busy enough in her favorite city of Stavanger.

''For me, it's a luxury to be able to stay in a hotel for a few days and not have to be woken up at half past seven in the morning. It is my privilege when I have a concert.''

Silje Nergaard is enjoying the freedom in her favorite city of Stavanger before tonight's concert at Breivei.

Good memories from the city

''I have a warm relationship with Stavanger and good memories from here, including with my band Mellow Yellow in Folken. And not least to MaiJazz manager Hasse Andersen,'' says Silje Nergaard.

She was also on MaiJazz in 1998, then together with the Swedish jazz legend Arne Domnerus.

Even if she does not have some motherly duties during the three days in Stavanger, the program has been tight enough. There have been concert for sponsors, features on [the radio program] Nitimen and Dagsrevyen [on TV] and participation in a workshop at the Musikkonservatoriet yesterday.

''I've never learned anything myself, and can't contribute much with technique and theory, but I can say something about personal expression,'' she says.

After being a promising jazz teenager, she has been described as a pop singer before she now returns as a full-blooded jazz artist after the age of 30.

Back to the jazz roots

''I'm not too concerned about whether I've been a pop singer or not. I've just followed my heart the whole time, and have always been concerned with the good melody. For me, it feels right to come back to jazz now. I couldn't do it before,'' she says.

Standard songs, preferably not of the best known ones,  and interpreted in Silje's personal way, together with her self-composed stuff and pop classics such as Mamas and Papas and Sting are in Silje Nergaard's new repertoire.

''Those are the songs from the last record. I make my personal twist on them. Jazz has always been at the bottom of everything I've done, not least my work as a composer. I will certainly have even more own material on the next record,'' she promises.

Together with Jørn Øyen on piano, Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Harald Johnsen on double bass, Silje Nergaard is performing in Breivei tonight.

Silje Nergaard, Breievei,
11 May at 21.00


Jazz singer: A bit of luxury for Silje Nergaard to be in Stavanger again. Tonight she can be seen at Breivei.
[As fa as known the concert was rescheduled from Breivei to the
Stavangeren Konserthus]