Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - March 8.


article in Nordlands Framtid, Tuesday March 7. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Lady concert on Women's Day

Silje Nergaard is the national lady of the year and Solfrid Skogli and June Korneliusssen come from the local community. Ladies' Night takes place this year on Women's Day, March 8.

Kjell Nordeng

The concert event '' Ladies' Night '' has gradually become an annual happening in Ad Lib Jazz Club. That this year's edition kicks off on International Women's Day is hardly a coincidence, and since the artist menu consists of both local ladies and a national lady, it should be the setting for a memorable evening.


This year's attraction, Silje Nergaard, has released five CDs since her debut with '' Tell Me Where You're Going '' in 1990. The title track was written together with the American jazz guitar celebrity Pat Metheny. Silje's sixth CD is entitled '' Port Of Call '', and will be released this month. On her records, Silje has been to folk, country and jazz, and her visit to Ad Lib Jazz Club coincides in a few days with the release of what will probably be one of her most jazz-oriented records. As a songwriter, Silje is currently doing very well in the USA, and just before Christmas she was awarded an "Honorable Mention" prize in the prestigious USA Songwriter Competition.

Like the other soloists of the evening, Silje Nergaard will also sing with the Ad Lib house band, which consists of Finn Robert '' Fro '' Olsen (guitar), Kjell Joar Petersen Øverleir (bass), Magnus Johansen (keyboards) and Daniel Horn ( drums).

In addition, a blowing row. Only girls, of course, and among them are Line Majormoen (saxophone) and Tina Lund (trumpet). The latter will probably also contribute a separate solo number.

Local ladies

From the local lady-singing soloists, Ad Lib has this year picked out June Korneliussen and Solfrid Skogli.

The former has been a Sinus regular for years, and she has recently had great success with the June Korneliussen Trio. A few weeks ago, the June band received rave reviews for the gig they did during the Polar Jazz Fstivall on Svalbard. On Wednesday we hear a little new and a little old from her.

Solfrid Skogli, on the other hand, is longer since we have heard something from. Solfrid was in her time married to the now deceased songwriter Trygve Hoff, and in 1988 she was nominated Spellemann for the LP "Princess in the Tower". The lyrics were Hoff's, while the music was written by, among others, Halvdan Sivertsen and Kåre Virud. For Ladies' Night, however, Solfrid has picked out songs by Elton John, Carol King, Lisa Nilson and Dianne King.

'' It was this kind of song I started with many years ago. It's been a long time since I've sung in public. I'm really looking forward to singing again, but I make no secret of the fact that I also have a couple of butterflies in my stomach '', says Solfrid. In the mid-seventies, Solfrid toured as a vocalist with the dance band Cobra, of which Jan Gunnar Hoff was also a member.


LADY 1: Silje Nergaard is Wednesday's national lady, and the biggest attraction during '' Ladies' Night '' at Sinus.

LADY 2: There will be local ladies too; Solfrid Skogli, June Korneliussen, Tina Lund and Line Majormoen, among others. Here is June Korneliussen.