Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - May 22.


article in Glåmdalen, Monday, May 22. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Here is the program for the King's visit

Kongsvinger: Here follows the program in connection with King Harald's visit and opening of the Women's Museum's exhibition "Camilla's laughter - the women's movement through 150 years" on Monday 22 May.

13.00: His Majesty the King arrives at the Women's Museum by car and is welcomed by county governor Sigbjørn Johnsen, mayor Arne Bones and police chief Anders Nerli. At the entrance, director Kari Sommerseth Jacobsen and board chairman Asbjørn Holseter greet.

Six-year-old Fredric Emile Münster gives the king flowers.

The exhibition opens in the dance hall on the ground floor:
•    Silje Nergaard opens with a song.
•    Director Kari Sommerseth Jacobsen welcomes.
•    A famous woman from the women's movement greets.
•    Song by Silje Nergaard.
•    His Majesty the King's speech.

13.20: His Majesty the King is given a tour of the exhibition by the two artistic producers Tone Hellerud and Rigmor Porsvik, as well as director Kari Sommerseth Jacobsen.

13.45: His Majesty the King is given a tour of Dagny Juel's literary salon by research fellow Roar Lishaugen.

14.00: His Majesty the King and his entourage leave the Women's Museum and do an Øvrebyen walk with director Kari Sommerseth Jacobsen as guide.

14.45: Lunch in Aamodtgården for His Majesty the King with entourage and invited guests .

15.45: Departure from Aamodtgården and return to Oslo.

picture in Glåmdalen, Tuesday May 23. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

[Silje at the Women's Museum in Kongsvinger on May 22. 2000]

Set the tone: Jazz singer Silje Nergaard and guitarist Nils Einar Vinjor set the tone, and King Harald, flanked by Director Kari S. Jaccobsen and County Governor Sigbjørn Johnsen, listened. Behind them are Chief of Police Anders Nerli, Mayor Arve Bones, Adjutant Merete Gundersen and Chairman of the Board Asbjørn Holseter.