Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - October 11.


article in Finnmark Dagblad, Tuesday October 10. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje jazzing in Alta

Alta (FD): Silje Nergaard will come to Alta on Wednesday. The concert in Alta Kultursal is organized by the municipality. Silje has quit the pop and folk pop. She has returned to the starting point of her career. Jazz.

Norunn Bergesen

Three years ago, Silje Nergaard released a folk pop album with the male choir Gli Scapoli. Almost three years ago, she also came in contact with the Swedish producer and guitarist Georg "Jojje" Wadenius. They started the collaboration which now sees the light of day in the form of the jazz album ''Port of Call''.

Standard songs, covers and own tunes

And it's jazz Silje Nergaard is going on tour with now. She is back where she started, as a jazz singer, and she has gathered a young and exciting group of musicians. The repertoire is taken from jazz's standard songs, although the songs are a little less well known, and Silje interprets them in a different and personal way. Silje's latest album also contains some self-composed songs, as well as completely own interpretations of, among others, Prince and Sting.

Fulsomely praised

The soundscape is described as open and dynamic. It shifts from the lyrically beautiful to the unpredictable, crazy. But keep the focus on the warm and sensual in the music.

The new album has received great praise in Aftenposten, with top marks. Dagbladet and VG gave her fives on the dice. Stein Østbø (VG) says she is positively surprised, and that she is not recognizable. And by Fredrik Wandrup (Dagbladet) the record is called a show in beautiful jazz, and that they are evergreens carried into a new millennium.

From jazz to pop and back again

Silje Nergaard has released five solo albums with her own songs. She broke through with the CD "Tell me whre you're going". She is well known in Japan, after several tours and as number one on the lists there.

As a 16-year-old, she made a name for herself as a great jazz talent, when she was discovered in Molde by Randi Hultin. And that is the genre she is back in when she is on stage in Alta Kultursal on Wednesday.

The photo: The new album has received great praise in Aftenposten, with top marks. Dagbladet and VG gave her fives on the dice. Silje Nergaard is in place in Alta Kultursal on Wednesday.
(Photo: Felicia Oeystaa, APOR)