Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - October 7.


article in Bergensavisen, Monday October 9. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Prunes with charm

Silje Nergaard is not as innovative as Sidsel Endresen. But she has a young girl charm to a thousand. A mature voice. And true devotion to the standards the audience loves.

Silje Nergaard with band
Venue: Den Stundel°se

BA: Ann Kristin Fr°ystad

'' I'm stopped asking for ex-boyfriends. They do not answer! '', declared Silje Nergaard, who fell constantly in love when she lived in Bergen. But if the old boyfriends did not show up, it was (still) full on 'Stundiken'. People stood like herring in a barrel to hear the pop girl who has returned to jazz. There was almost a rock concert atmosphere - except that people were asked to wait with the chat until after the concert.

And it was unusually quiet where Silje and her acoustic trio strolled through the jazz standards. Silje with a playful approach to the gems of jazz history. And a voice that still breathes silky soft in your ear, but now with greater fullness than before. As in beautiful '' Dream A Little Dream ''.

Good memories

"My parents liked to cuddle to this song when they were in love," said Silje. It's not just her parents who have fond memories of the standard songs. No wonder '' Port Of Call '' has become a success, the record filled a need. Not many serious jazz singers do standard songs today. With good reason.

Great warmth

But Silje is not afraid of Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday, she does things completely in her own way. Without the big phrasings. But with great warmth and sensitivity.

She does funky jazz by Paul Simon's '' You're Kind '' and Sting's '' If You Love Somebody ''. Seductive pop jazz of his own '' Shame On You ''. And hefty jazz by Charles Mingus '' '' Dry Cleaner From des Moines '', with inlaid piano, double bass and drum solos. Not to forget the scatting. Why Silje has not made a 'live' jazz record, is incomprehensible to me. Silje in free dressage is more exciting than Silje in the studio.

We also had the honor of hearing two new songs from her upcoming album.

The jazz ballad "So Sorry For Your Love" and more pop-oriented "Japanese Blue", a song that has a lot of potential. If Silje manages to take the stage playfulness with her in the studio, we can expect a lot from the next album. Until then, the concert sits as a warm memory in the body.


Charmed: Silje Nergaard charmed tightly packed 'Stundiken' completely. (Photo: Ann Kristin Fr°ystad)