Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - May 11.


article in Rogalands Avis, Friday May 12. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje superstar


''Have! Haa!'', my sideman roared in pure jazz joy over an extra great drum solo. Silje Nergaard is one of the most charming, generous and most talented (artist) the jazz country Norway has fostered in many years.

Silje Nergaard's leap from pop to jazz has been studied to the extent that it will soon be a NoU (*) of it, but let me take one thing about the singer's paradigm shift. Silje has taken with her the pop world's direct communication, and together with her playfulness, slightly naive style and raw musical strength, she becomes a great jazz singer with a potential that few people know the contours of.

Silje Nergaard's voice belongs to an adult woman, she sings with warmth and empathy, and at the same time a technique and precision that made my sideman in Stavanger last night treat himself to an extra "hoi, hoi!"


Silje Nergaard has picked her band with sensitive fingers, and made them play in a super light, playful style. Dressed in narrow 50s suits, the tone is set, here discreet smoke is pumped out against blue light in the absence of cigarette smoke in Stavanger. Jørn Øyen (piano), Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Harald Johnsen (bass) play closely, but stay disciplined behind Silje's voice.

Saxophonist Magnus Lindgren is Silje Nergaard's trump card. The Swede lets the saxophone (and alternately flute and clarinet) dance and spar with Silje's voice, and jazz can hardly sound more beautiful. Paul Simon's '' You're kind '' was Stavanger's first encounter with Silje's voice in close dance with Lindgren's saxophone - elegantly and humorously performed.


Silje Nergaard draws her music from jazz classics, with great appeal to slightly older jazz lovers. "Dream on, dream on" was charmingly performed with her husband Heine Totland, after the couple was tired of just singing the song together in the bathroom.

Silje likes to sing her Duke Ellington, supplemented by Sting and Paul Simon. On her latest CD "Port of Call", Silje has composed three songs, and the department with Nergaard-signed music last night emphasizes her diverse talent. Silje Nergaard is probably the first composer with success at Norsktoppen, her mother makes sure that the family has voted for "Shame on you" for the sixth week in a row.

Silje Nergaard Band, Stavangeren, Thursday, May 11, full house.

Reviewer:  Bjørn G. Sæbø


Silje and husband: Silje Nergaard let her husband Heine Totland get on stage for a small guest appearance. The singer's husband is definitely good at more than just singing a duet in the bathroom. Photo: Erik Grønnestad

*  Norway's public evaluations (NOUs - Norges Offentlige Utredninger) are evaluations published by committees or working groups appointed by the government or a ministry. A evaluation can also come in the form of a report.