Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - June 9.


advert in Magasinet Vinduet - Son Poetry Days June 9-11, 2000
Note: "Son Poetry Days" has become an important meeting place for contemporary poetry.

article in Moss Avis, Friday June 9. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje at Klubben in Son

By: Martin Jansen

Jazz singer Silje Nergaard plays at Klubben in Soon tonight.

ilje Nergaard's latest release "Port Of Call" received good reviews from critics. She was also named Songwriter of the Month on the prestigious USA Songwriting Competition website in May.

After a few setbacks, Nergaard is back as a jazz singer. With her is a young group of musicians. Tord Gustavsen (piano), Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Harald Johnsen (double bass) accompany Nergaard.

The quartet's repertoire consists mainly of jazz's standard songs. The music also has elements of Nergaard's self-composed songs, as well as distinctive interpretations of, among others, Sting and Prince.


Silje Nergaard recently released the jazz CD '' Port Of Call ''. Tonight she performs at the Club in Soon. (Photo: Agency)