Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - June 5.


article in Halden Arbeiderblad, Tuesday, June 6. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Musical Jewel

Silje Nergaard impressed with traditional jazz

On an oridnary Monday, 50 Haldeners were served ordinary jazz under the shelter of a sunset. It is not a common phenomenon in Halden. And it was also an eventful evening for those who chose fresh air accompanied by Silje Nergaard with band. Kongens Brygge invited to outdoor jazz. On the stage stood a queen.
Erling S. Kristiansen, text

That Silje Nergaard has found her way back to her roots, she credits with the fact that Norway's jazz lady no. 1 passed away. When Randi Hultin traveled to the eternal 'hunting grounds', it was Silje's turn to take up the standard repertoire again, in honor of the whole of jazz Norway's Randi. The CD has received rave reviews, not least because the band has a crew with names you can just as easily note on the block, in addition to Georg Wadenius and Putte Wickmann.

In backlight and tailwind

On Monday night, Silje had taken Thomas Strønen and Stian Carstensen with her on drums and accordion, respectively.

"I'm sorry I have to wear sunglasses because it's so impersonal, but the backlight makes it necessary."

Although the evening sun was of an annoying nature, at least the music was not. Jazz is currently sailing in the wind, something we saw that also applies in Halden, because there were relatively many who were born in the 60s and 70s who had taken the trip to Kongens.


Silje Nergaard had an hour and a half of standard jazz in the repertoire this evening. Songs like ''But not for me'', ''Lover man'', ''Do nothing till you hear from me'', ''My funny valentine'' and many more goodies. One of the most beautiful arrangments was "Tea for two", with the virtuoso Stian Carstensen in free expression. For those who do not know Stian, the meeting is probably very surprising. His musical involvement since he left the jazz line in Trondheim a good number of years ago, has been and is extensive. Not only is he Norwegian master of accordion, he is a pioneering musician who builds musical bridges between many different genres, and not only will it be virtuoso, but it will also be fun! If you want to hear more from him, his productions with the band "Farmers marked" can be purchased on CD.

A three-legged phenomenon?

Stian Carstensen has spent a lot of time getting involved in music from the Balkans, which has made him multitalented. The old music teacher Abrahamsen would probably get a whole new perspective on "running notes'' after a meeting with Stian. And he even plays 12 instruments, of which one can consider the performance on some of the instruments as brilliant. We mention: mandolin, guitar, harpsichord, violin, accordion, never give this man a trumpet.

But it's not always easy to be on the same note line as Stian, so it was not uncommon for drummer Thomas Strønen to be a bit on the sidelines, it was a bit lame ...

What it takes

Silje Nergaard has a special voice, which you can not help but relate to. She tones well, has her special, "airy" voice, which gives fullness to the standard repertoire. We probably have more girls who sing jazz well, but few who reach such a large audience. In addition, she writes well. ''Shame on you'' is composed by her on the latest CD, but was not performed on Kongens; shame on you! Imagine if she could have evolved to perform scatting as well?

Those present, including cousin Axel, were extremely pleased with the trio on stage, and there were actually a few windows open in the neighborhood this Monday night ...

Caption: Silje Nergaard with band drew 50 listeners to Kongens Brygge, and served an hour and a half of jazz. Stian Carstensen (pictured below) on accordion also impressed the Haldeners with his virtuoso qualities.