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the year 2000 - October 12.


article in Nordlys, Saturday October 14. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Nordlys, Saturday 14 October 2000 - Delicious jazz from Silje

Concert: Silje Nergaard with band
Kulturhuset October 12

Tromsø: With a gorgeous and playful jazz trio in the back, Silje Nergaard gave the far too few who attended the Kulturhuset's main hall an evening of the rare.

The songbird Silje has a voice that suits old standard songs as well as their own more jazz-like pop songs - because there is still a lot of pop left in Silje's self-produced material, even though the trio format wraps them in the jazz costume.

As I said, we heard both original materials and old trotters. Sting's "(If you love somebody) Set them free'' was done in a low-key, yet sucking funky version that gave chills in the neck. Also standard songs like "Traffic Jam" and "Dream a little dream" were done with conviction, not to mention the lady's own radio hit "Shame on you" - beautiful .....

The band, consisting of Jarle Vespestad (drums), Harald Johnsen (double bass) and narvik resident Jørn Øien (piano) communicated playfully and freely and spiced up the songs with sober playing and a good dose of humor, which made the atmosphere unpretentious, which can often happen in  Storsalen (Main Hall).

The reason why the dice do not land on the highest score is actually the room. Maybe the temperature had been chopped higher, if it would have been a packed hall, but during Thursday's concert it was not the dense, intimate atmosphere this concert had deserved. I could not help but close my eyes and dream down to a dense, smoky club with Silje & co standing on a narrow stage in a corner. Sometimes it actually got really cold in Storsalen. But these are small things that are not allowed to ruin the overall impression of a particularly successful evening.

Håvard Stangnes


At home - With her mother from Tromsø, Silje Nergaard feels at home visiting the city. Now she has also moved home to jazz.