Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - May 25.


article in Bergensavisen, Friday, May 26. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Get into the jazz

BA Puls:  Frank Johnsen

Get into the jazz, guys!

Watch as Silje Nergaard lures the crowd at Torgallmenningen town square into jazz! "Unusual, but fun", she beamed. 

Yesterday's outdoor concert was to be a patch on the wound of the rain flood that washed last year's Van Morrison concert into oblivion. And - knock on the table, the sun was shining and everyone was happy.
''This was unusual, but fun'', Silje Nergaard smiled at BA after the concert.
The night jazz had rigged up the big stage on the corner of the Sundt building, and the opening turned down towards the blue stone. In between, people gathered in good numbers before the session began.

Dancing foot

This stunt cost 75,000 kroner, which was the Night Jazz's gift to the city's population since Van Morrison's outdoor concert last year left many angry spectators.
"Now no one can complain about the weather," said Jon Skjerdal to BA before the concert started yesterday. And with Farmer's Market as the first gang on stage, everyone present was doomed to get warmth in both body and mind.
For this crazy gang, played Balkan boogie polka with insane tempo changes and virtuoso instrument technique. People streamed out of all the shops and pulled towards the audience area. The dancing foot showed the way.

Afterwards, it was time for Silje Nergaard, in relaxed jazz tapping. She started with Sting's ''If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free''. Silje sings better than ever, even though the music was well-subdued after Farmer's Market.
''I'm used to playing at clubs, so this will be a completely different thing. But it's very clear that people have become much more open to jazz.''
''You had a great mood at your club concert on Wednesday?''
''Yes. The festival makes people dare more. It has become legitimate to like jazz. Fun'', smiles Silje - who will now release his new record in 13 more countries. Including Brazil!

The last girl on stage was Anneli Drecker. Who performed for the first time without Bel Canto in Bergen.
''This was special and a little cold. I thought we were going to a pavilion. Otherwise I would have brought my string section'', Anneli said to BA after the concert.
She performed in a stripped-down version, accompanied only by a pianist. But her Arctic pop and fabulous vocal splendor filled the lower part of Torgallmenningen.
''I'm very pleased. It is important to show that I trust my compositions, that it is the songs that matter. Also, it is ok to perform for children. Normally I don't do that. It will mostly be clubs with a lot of smoke, beer and noise'', said Anneli - who promised that the concert in Bergen next Saturday will be with a full band and strings.

Caption for main image:  

Welcome in: Silje Nergaard and the other artists gathered much people at Torgallmenningen last night. Photo: Espen Forsberg

Photos at the top - from left:

Lonely: A lone saxophonist put people in the mood at Torgallmenningen. Photo: Vidar Langeland.

Fun: ''It's especially fun to play for children'', said Anneli Drecker after the performance at Torgalmenningen last night. Photo: Tor Erik H. Mathiesen

Crazy: Stian Carstensen and the rest of Farmers Market must be experienced. Photo: Vidar Langeland

Well-being: All those present enjoyed the free concert. Photo: Vidar Langeland