Silje's appearances

the year 2000 - June 3.


article in Telemarksavisa, Saturday April 15. 2000

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Good jazz on the blue waves

This year's blues cruise has been fully booked for a long time, but now Notodden Music Forum is launching a new offer. The first weekend in June, Bendik Holseth, Silje Nergaard and Hot Club de Norvege will be on stage during the forum's first jazz cruise.

Exactly four weeks after the popular and gradually so traditional blues cruise with (the ship) Peter Wessel goes off the stack, the boat puts out again with a lot of good music on board. The music forum does start small with three bands limited to Restaurant Skagerak.

Solid names

''Color Line has been very pleased with the blues cruises, and has taken the initiative to have a jazz cruise. We have obtained three well-known names that should catch many. These are not quirky and narrow artists,'' says booking manager Birger Glosimot.

And the names should be familiar to most people. The most relevant at the moment is Silje Nergaard, who at the end of last month released her seventh album, the critically acclaimed "Port of Call", which is dedicated to the late Randi Hultin. Jazz enthusiast Hultin discovered Silje during Molde jazz in 1983.


Bendik Hofseth has a strong band consisting of Jacob Young, Bjørn Kjellemyr, Paolo Vinaccia and Jan Bang, and this group will play during the trip down (towards Denmark) on Saturday 3 June. On the return trip the next day, the 20th anniversary Hot Club de Norvege plays. They are launching their ''Best of'' album these days, and have delighted many audiences around the world with their so-called String Swing, their melancholy waltzes and passionate ballads.

Hoping for a new tradition

The cruise starts from Larvik on Saturday afternoon, and the board of the music forum has so far focused on posting around 400 tickets. The latest figures from ticket sales for the blues cruise are 1048 tickets.

"We expect it to be a bit calmer than on the blues cruise, and maybe it will be a slightly different audience," says chairman Jon Tobiassen. He reckons that people from all over Eastern Norway will register their interest. If ticket sales are good, the music forum and Color Line will invest in a new jazz cruise next year.

                                                                                                             Anne-Lise Surtevju

From blues to jazz: Notodden Musikkforum focuses on jazz across the Skagerak (to Denmark): From left Svein Tråserud, Birger Glosimot, Dag Merde, Roar Uglem, Jon Tobiassen, Eva Merde, Unni Larsen and Anlaug Landsverk. Halvor Hovden was not present when the photo was taken. Photo: Anne-Lise Surtevju.