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 the year 1983


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January 27
Hamar, Norway
Astoria hotel
Hamar Musikkforum organized an appearance of the Hanna Winsnes Quartet. During the break the trio "Profil" played: Johannes Eick (bass), Silje Nergaard (vocals) and Bård Slagsvold (piano)
February 5
Hamar, Norway
Astoria hotel
Hamar Musikkforum organized a jazzcafe. The local band HamJam was playing. They also did a section with Silje Nergaard
March 1
Hamar, Norway
Sea Side restauranthus HamJam, with Silje "in addition to the usual crew"
March 16
Hamar, Norway
Sea Side restauranthus
Silje became "Årets Hedmarksvokalist 1983", the winner of a vocalist contest, with the song Nobody; Silj also sang "Isn't sh lovely"; the band Headquarter accompanied all competitors; the pre finals were on March 15.
Broadcasted on Elverum Nær-TV (NTV Hedmark Kabel-TV Elverum) on March 16 or 17 1983; on March 17 an interview with the winner was broadcasted at this regional TV channel: "Kåring av Årets Hedmarkartist. Int. med Per Johan Skjerstad og vinneren Silje Nergaard" [Decision of (winner) The Year Hedmark Artist. Interview with Per Johan Skjerstad and the winner Silje Nergaard]
Silje Nergaard at Sea Side, Hamar | Nobody (Mach 16 1983) live
[Same song, better sound, with stills from the video]
April appr.10 Norwegian Radio (Radio P2 - Elverum)
HamJam in the broadcast "Hamjam og andre lag fra Hedmark"
April 19
Hamar, Norway
Sea Side restauranthus HamJam
May 20
Oslo, Norway Club 7 concert Ham-Jam (formation with 7 musicians)
May 21
Oslo, Norway
pavilon in front of the National Theatre
May 23
Hamar, Noway
HamJam played before and during the break of the footbal match between Ham-Kam (Hamar Comrads) and the team from Kongsvinger
Jun 21
Local Radio, Norway
Hedmarksradioen (the local radio program for Hedmark County)
Silje singing with Profil, for 10 minutes in the afternoon
July 5 - 15
Inderøy, Norway
Sund folkehøgskole (Sund Folk High School)
Silje was at a ten-day summer course, arranged by the Norwegian Jazz Association, where American Dee Kohanna (LP: Eclipse, 1978, label Rock Creek 33259) was teaching. Dee had been recommended for this  summer course by Karin Krog. At that moment Dee Kohanna lived in  Barcelona, working as a vocal teacher at a jazz school.
Silje and
Elin Rosseland were Dee Kohanna's students.
Egil Kapstad was Silje's group teacher.
After the summer course the 31 year old Dee Kohanna appeared at jazz forum's Night Jazz event in (restaurant) Cavalero in Trondheim on July 16., accompanied by Norwegian musicians Torgrim Sollid (trumpet), Carl Haakon Waadeland (drums), Vigleik Storaas (piano) and Johannes Eick (bass). Dee also attended concerts during the Moldefestival later that month.
July 25
(most likely this event was after midnight, so actually on July 26)
Molde, Norway
Vertshuset Gamle Molde (Old Molde Inn), an eatery connected to Hotel Alexandra Moldejazzz; she joined the Jaco Pastorius' pianist Delmar Brown ("Word of Mouth Band") when he was singing and improvising about "peace & war" at a jam session, and Silje and Dan sang an impromptu duet;
ccording to an interview with Silje in August Silje sang "My Funny Valentine" with Jon Balke a few days later at this festival (Balke performed at the festival on July 30). According to Jon Balke they did this tune at a night jam at the bistro at level 2 in hotel Alexandra, this must be the same eatery which earlier was named Gamle Molde (Old Molde).
Moldejazz - scheduled line-ups
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July 28     an article in the national newspaper Dagbladet about her discovery at Moldejazz some days before, written bij Randi Hultin
August 15
Norwegian TV (Near-TV)

Hedmark evening from Glomdalsmuseet (in Elverum): HamJam with Silje Nergaard gives a taste of the program (which will be played the next day - ie Tuesday 16 August 1983)
August 16
Elverum, Norway
Glomdalsmuseet Hedmark evening; HamJam with Silje among other artists
article and review
August 21 Kalvøya (Oslofjorden), Norway
Kalvøyafestivalen, concert with the band HamJam, performing after U2 and just before Joe Cocker both on the (other) stage were all the 'big names' performed; HamJam was a poster name together with U2, Joe Cocker and other bands
poster Kalvøya Festival
September 30
Oslo, Norway Club 7
concert Ham-Jam
October 1 Oslo, Norway Club 7
concert Ham-Jam
October 28 Oslo, Norway Hot House
concert Ham-Jam; Silje Nergaard with Tom Larsen (trombone), Harald Staff, Erland Dalen (keyboards), Bjørn Sandnes (guitar), Ole Jacob Håkonsen (bass guitar), Kjell Arne Engen (tenor and alto saxes), Jan Kola (trumpet and flügelhorn) and Lage Børresen (drums)
November 11
Oslo, Norway
Silje accompanied by Samlebandet (an occasional band?)
announcement and picture
December 1
Hamar, Norway
Triolen; evening with the two partners Hamar Ungdomskorps and Hamar Guttemusikkorps; the third partners were Silje Nergaard with Stig Lillehaug at the piano, the dancers Sigrid Edvardson, Monica Flock and Vilde Olsen and the Norwegian Dixie Orchestra
December 5 Norwegian TV (NRK)
National TV-début in the recorded program Flimra's ('Flimra' was a programserie for adolescence) 'Musikk landet rundt' (Music around the country). She performed together with Johannes Eick and Bård Slagsvold, doing two songs: Lover Man and Radka
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December 17
Oslo, Norway
Hot House
Silje in the band HamJam
December 18 Hamar, Norway Kulturhus (part of Hotell Scandic) Christmas matinee, organised by Hamar Arbeiderblad. Silje accompanied by the Hamar Musikkorps singing "My Funny Valentine" and (accompanied by Stig Lillehaug) "James"