Silje's appearances

the year 1983 - August 16.



Article in Østlendingen, Tuesday August 16. 1983

Translation by Dag Sirnes:


By Bodvar Lotsberg

The traditional Hedmark evening kicks off in the evening. This time the event takes place at the Glomdal Museum, and the program will be led by freelancer Helge Hagen.

The program is composed with a light entertainment character that will give the audience a good laugh, or at least a warm smile. Of course, the evening will also contain elements of a more serious nature.

Silje Nergaard comes, together with HamJam, and the Ljøra quartet joins. Recorder, lyric, fiddle and two-row accordion elements are also included in the program. There will also be contributions from '' Ringsaker Dannede Selskap '', '' Vestad Ringen '' and of course 'gammeldans' (a popular type of folk dance).

The picture: Silje Nergaard will be an exciting artist on Hedmarks night at the Glomdal Museum tonight.

Article in Østlendingen, Wednesday August 17. 1983

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Crazy and talented

By Arne Flygind & Britt M. Solberg (photo)


Elverum: There will always be uneven quality on an entertainment evening like the Hedmark evening, where the elements are so many and very different. But we think Helge Hagen had mixed together a tasty stew for last night where we are pretty sure that everyone found some goodies.

Artistically, the shooting star Silje Nergaard, the vocalist in the well-playing HamJam, was probably the highlight, with an exceptionally confident voice and musical and rhythmic grandeur already. She looks so small and modest, where she stands slightly knock-need, but must have come a long way towards considerable recognition, as far as we can understand. 

.....(the rest is irrelevant in relation to Silje - including the picture)