Silje's appearances

the year 1983 - February 5.




Article in Østlendingen, Thursday February 3. 1983


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Ready for HamJam

Hamar: If you stop by Hamar Music Forum's jazz café at Astoria on Saturday, you will hear HamJam. And if you're wondering who HamJam is, we can tell you that the orchestra was formed a year ago and that in this short time it has managed to make a name for itself with its jazz / rock music on several occasions.

The name reveals that Hamar is the orchestra's "home". It consists of seven musicians; three winds, plus drums, bass, guitar, electric piano, synthesizer and organ. Sometimes the orchestra also performs with the vocalist Silje Nergaard.

In addition to several self-composed songs, HamJam also has melodies by Chick Corea, Lee Ritenour, Chicago, Paul Simon and Randy Crawford on the repertoire. In addition to club performances in Hamar, the orchestra can point to great efforts in the competition that Roland International arranged in Gjøvik. HamJam advanced to the district finals and won awards for best drummer and wind group.

Radio listeners may also remember a mini-concert with HamJam in NRK Hedmark's broadcast this autumn. The recording was also used in [radio program] Nitimen and [on the radio channel] P2.

These days, the members of the orchestra are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the record company Polygram's assessment of their performance. Preliminary signals from the company indicate that record recording may be relevant!

In the future, HamJam will focus on getting as many gigs as possible, and special efforts are being made to get gigs in the Oslo area.

But first: Jazz café at Astoria in Hamar on Saturday.

The picture: The jazz / rock orchestra HamJam appears in Hedmark's music life and already has plans to record an album. From left: Erland Dalen (piano, synthesizer, organ and vocals), Jan Kola (trumpet), Lage Børresen (drums), Ole Jacob Håkonsen (bass), Kjell Arne Engen (sax), Bjørn Sandnes (guitar) and Tom Larsson (trombone).