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the year 1983 - March 16.



Article in ěstlendingen, Thursday March 17. 1983


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje sings best in Hedmark

By Turid Andreassen Lie

Hamar: Silje Nergaard sings best in Hedmark. At least that is the opinion of the jury in the talent competition Hedmarkvokalist -83, which yesterday handed down its final verdict, after the competition's final, on Sea Side. Thus, the Hamar girl is ready for recording at Polygram record company, because that was the generous 1st prize in the vocalist competition.

It was Silje's performance of the songs ''Isn't she lovely'' and ''Nobody'' that made the jury unanimously announce the bubbly, young artist as this year's Hedmark vocalist.

Close behind her came in second place Anita Schulz, followed by Hilde Bekkevold in third place, Laila Kveen took fourth place, and Trine Lise Brun was number five in the exciting final round. The latter four received concert tickets from Polygram as a thank you for their efforts.

Hedmark vocalist -83 became a popular initiative. That was shown by the large influx of spectators to Sea Side, both on the semi-final night, and to the final last night. The five finalist girls had the pleasure of singing for a full house.

A total of 41 Hedmarkers participated in the talent competition. Of these, ten were selected for the semifinals, while only five of them slipped through the cracks and reached the final. And there it was no doubt. Silje sang best, and really deserved Polygram's set prize.

The picture: Hamar girl Silje Nergaard was yesterday named Hedmark vocalist of the year.