Silje's appearances

the year 2006


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date place, country / broadcast venue details
January 6 on Norwegian TV (NRK1) Silje in Tyskland (Silje in Germany), the recorded concert in Köln (Cologne) from May 24. 2005
January 7 Hamar, Norway Hamar OL-Amfi Idrettsgalla 2006, among others as Marion Raven and Heine Totland;
live at NRK 1
January 20 Bergen, Norway Bit Teatergarasjen singing together with Heine Totland, amoung other artists on prize-giving evening (BT-prizes 2005, for commercials)
January 23 Amsterdam, Netherlands Paradiso Helge Lien (grand piano/piano), Finn Guttormsen (bass), Jarle Vespestad (drums), Bjørn Charles Dreyer (guitar/pedal steel)
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January 24 Antwerp, Belgium Arenberg Schouwburg double concert with Dayna Kurtz
January 25 Gent, Belgium Handelsbeurs
Februari 11 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Auditorio de Tenerife  
Februari 15 Essen, Germany Messe Essen, hall 2 Come together party "A Taste of Norway" at the second day of the E-world conference and exhibition; Silje and her band did a concert (19.15-19.45) before diner
March 1 Oslo, Norway Rockefeller
March 15 Arendal, Norway Kulturhus Norwegian Tour
March 16 Nøtterøy, Norway Kulturhus, Amfi Urijazz, Norwegian Tour
March 17 Fredrikstad, Norway Kulturværste/City Scene Norwegian Tour
Play-list: * Paperboats * Darkness out of blue * Be still my heart * The Waltz * When Judy falls * The Beachcomber * Tell me where you're going * Before you called me yours * Dance me love * The Diner * Let me be troubled * How are you gonna deal with it * Take a long, long walk * Extra: * Lullaby to Erle * Japanese Blue
March 18 Bodø, Norway Kulturhus, Stor sal Norwegian Tour
March 19 Tromsø, Norway Kulturhuset, Storsalen Norwegian Tour
March 28 Drammen, Norway Drammens Teater, Hovedscenen Norwegian Tour
April 5 Asker, Norway Kulturhus, Teatersalen Norwegian Tour
(concert was first planned on March 5, but re-scheduled)
April 23 On German Radio (MDR Radio) First part of the concert on November 30. 2005 in Halle; the second part was broadcasted on May 7.
May 4 Kongsberg, Norway EnergiMølla together with Live Maria Roggen, for the benefit of SOS barnebyer
June 11 Jevnaker, Norway Gallary at Hadeland Glassverk season opening (by Linn Stokke Brynestad), with the exposition Mosaikk (with work from: Liv Heier, Elisabeth Mauseth, Elisabeth Bj. Werp and Lena Hansson); musical touch by Silje and Stian Carstensen
Jun 23 on German TV (3SAT) the recorded concert from Mainz (September 17. 2003); earlier broadcasted twice (3SAT) in 2003
June 29 Kassel, Germany private show
June 30 Oslo, Norway Rådhusplassen the 1 year anniversary of "=Oslo", the magazine sold by homeless people in Oslo; amoung others
July 2 Tjøme, Norway Verdens Ende Vestfold Festspillene, Soloppgangskonsert (Sunrise Concert at 04.00 h.)
July 15 Rotterdam, Netherlands Ahoy', Darling North Sea Jazz Festival, Silje and Band; featuring guest (last song: Japanese Blue) Arve Henriksen on the trumpet
July 16 Hvaler, Norway  Hvaler Gjestgiveri Badegjester ('bathing visitors') concert, proceded by an interview; bath superintendent: Knut Fougner;
Band: Helge Lien (piano), Bjørn Charles Dreyer (guitar), Finn Guttormsen (bass), Jarle Vespestad (drums) 
July 25 Holmestrand, Norway Kulturhaven outdoor concert
(the concert was first scheduled for June 25)
July 30 on German TV (ARD Digital) the recorded concert in Köln (Cologne) from May 24. 2005 in the program Rockpalast Jazzline; already broadcasted on German and Norwegian TV before
August 7 Elverum, Norway Elverumshallen Festspillene; with Band and the Ungdomssymfonikerne (the Norwegian National Youth Orchestra)
August 29 on German TV (WDR) fragments of the recorded concert in Köln (Cologne) from May 24. 2005, in the program Jazzlina
September 7 Oslo, Norway Cosmopolite Jazzaid 2006, with Helge Lien
September 9 on Norwegian TV (2TV) TV2 Artistgalla; Silje is in the telephone panel; for the benefit of SOS-barnebyer
September 22 Oldenburg, Germany Kulturetage part of the "20. Niedersächsische Musiktage" (Sep. 3 - Oct. 1)
September 23 Cuxhaven, Germany Hapag Hallen part of the "20. Niedersächsische Musiktage" (Sep. 3 - Oct. 1)
October 17 Arendal, Norway Kulturhus solidarity concert for the TV-campaign "Leger uten Grenser"; Silje and Helge Lien
October 25 on Dutch radio (Concertzender)   a selection of the recorded concert at North Sea Jazz Festival, this year in Rotterdam (July 15.), in the program Studio 6
November 10 Moscow, Russia International House of Music, Theatre Hall first international festival The Baltic Jazz - Балтийский джаз (Nov. 9 and 10)
December 21 Oslo, Norway Holmenkollen Park Hotell "Höeghs julemiddag"; the shipping company Höegh is an important financier for SOS-barnebyer; therefore Silje, an ambassador for SOS-barnebyer, wassinging a few songs here, with images from a trip Silje did to Malawi in in the background on the platform; she ended her gig with "Let me be troubled", all income from this song goes to this Malawi-project