Pictures concert Rotterdam 2006

North Sea Jazz Festival, July 15. 2006


As she did more in the last months Silje started the concert with the new song Paper Boats.
All pictures at this page are made by Peter van Stijn.


Silje and her Band came to this 31st. NorthSeaJazz Festival in the regular line-up since November 2005.
The festival was held in Rotterdam for the frist time. The Band had to start half an hour later as scheduled,
because a 'next-door' concert (in fact it was one big hall devided into two seperate smaller ones) was delayed.


But once the concert started the audience could listen to a mix from old and new songs:
- Paper Boats
- Darkness Out Of Blue
- Be Still My Heart
- When Judy Falls
- The Beachcomber
- Dance Me Love
- Tell Me Where You're Going
- Before You Called Me Yours
- Let Me Be Troubled
- Take A Long, Long Walk
- En Og En
- Japanese Blue


Helge in blue


Bjørn Charles Dreyer with his solo (guitar and skatting).



The Band ending the concert, coming back later for an extra after having an ovation by the audience.


Surprisingly the trumpet player Arve Henriksen appeared on stage to add his special sound
to the extra song Japanese Blue. Arve also can be heard on the album Nightwatch.


At the end of the concert, including guest musician Arve:
Helge, Arve Henriksen, Silje,
Bjørn Charles, Finn and Jarle.