Pictures concert Amsterdam 2006

Paradiso, January 23. 2006

To the second serie from this concert.

Silje in the opening song, playing and singing - without her Band - the new song Paper Boats.
All pictures at this page are made by Michiel Kootker.
At the request of the webmaster from Silje's official website,
this serie also could be seen at siljenergaard.com April 2006 till February 2007.


The concert was held in the famous pop-temple Paradiso, original a church in the centre of Amsterdam.
This was the first concert abroad the Band was playing in the new formation;
in Norway they were first performing in November 2005.
Line-up: Silje (vocals/fender rhodes), Helge Lien (piano/fender rhodes), Finn Guttormsen (bass/dobro guitar),
Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Bjørn Charles Dreyer (guitar/pedal steel).


Finn Guttormsen played the Dobro guitar in one of the new songs the band played this evening.
Silje told he just had learned to play the guitar and afterwards she joked he had to look up more.
Finn looked surprised when she said that, followed by a whispering Silje
(telling the audience): "we'll discuss that later ...".




 At the left Helge Lien on the keys.



 Bjørn Charles Dreyer, on the guitar in the back, slipped into the Band in 2004;
before he often joined as guest musician.
Bjørn and Jarle are therefore the two 'old boys' in the new Band.


Jarle Vespestad hiding behind his drums.

To the secund serie from this concert.