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the year 2006 - March 19.



Review in Tromsø, Monday March 20. 2006



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Another success

By: Yngve Nilssen (reviewer)

Concert - roll the dice 5

Silje Nergaard
Venue:  Kulturhuset, Storsalen
Band:  Torstein Lofthus (drums), Helge Lien (keyboards), Finn Guttormsen (bass), Bjørn Charles Dreyer (guitars)
In the hall: approx. 250

Sunday night was another success for Silje Nergaard. She played new songs - and on Wednesday the recording of the new album starts.

Silje has a loyal audience here in the city. She thrives well and always remembers to tell that her mother grew up in Tromsø. It was not too many years in the city before the family became a climate refugee and moved to Hedmark. This time Silje was back in town with new songs and a new band. There are surprises every time the jazz vocalist visits Tromsø.


With new musicians in place, the expression has become tougher. It is wrong to say that the arrangements have become more rocking, but there is more power now than before. At the same time, the musicians make the ballads more evocative than before. It takes something to take over from Harald Johnsen, Tord Gustavsen and Jarle Vespestad, but Silje has managed to find a bunch of musical souls who surprise positively - time after time.

It is always a nice experience to go to a concert with Silje Nergaard. She is an excellent vocalist who never disappoints. She almost always brings new songs with her and gives the audience an insight into the material that may come on the next album. And she is she is very good at selecting the musicians she will tour with. Simply put: we are dealing with an artist of high international class. When such people enter the stage, few go home disappointed.

Good for gold

The band was playing interactively well, and the songs sat like a shot. There was room for improvisation, and the audience was demonstrated that the new pianist, Helge Lien, is a guy who can conjure up emotions and show that the technique is as good as perfect. Bjørn Charles Dreyer showed off with a guitar solo with scat vocals. The audience was wild with excitement, and with a comp of solid brand, it was ready for a solid music experience.

But it is not to be overlooked that it is Silje Nergaard who chooses songs, musicians and who is a superb front figure. She does her business incredibly well, and although some believe she has been here relatively often, there is no reason to sit at home. This girl surprises with something positive every single time. On Wednesday, the recording of a new record that could become a new bestseller begins. The tastings people in Storsalen received yesterday promise very well. That Silje Nergaard claims she has a little Tromsø blood in her veins is great. We can like to have her as an ambassador.

The big photo

Tromsø test: On Wednesday, Silje Nergaard and the band go into the studio to record a new album. Last night, the concert audience in Storsalen (Main Hall) got many tastes of what is to come.
Photo: Ann Sissel Jenssen