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March 12
Norwegian TV (TV3)

In the program Komplottet (Conspiracy); Norwegian celebrities are tricked into the most quirky and incredible situations; in this episode the victims are: Nilse Ole Oftebro, Tom Mathisen, Silje Nergaard and Anette Bø
March 16
Norwegian Radio (NK P1)

Silje was the artist of the week. Silje Nergaard got some special attention in the Musikkrevyen this week. She was thoroughly presented by Anja Katrine Tomter on Monday, then records were played with her every day - also in the Helgestart program on Friday.
April 9
Høyanger, Norway
Øren Hotell
Silje Nergaard and Heine Totland (from Gli Scapoli)
April 30
Bømlo, Norway
Olavskolen, storsalen (main hall)
Fredsfestivalen-98 (peace festival 1998) Silje Nergaard and Heine Totland, with Nils Einar Vinjor (guitar) and Ragnar Myklebust (keyboards)
May 1
Bergen, Norway
Mass for a Wounded Earth, by Ketil Bjørnstad and Erik Hillestad. Performed by Silje Nergaard, student choir Crux and Atle Halstensen with band
May 10 Stavanger, Norway St. Petri kirke MaiJazz, with the Ytre Suløen Jassensemble (also Arne Domnerus as guest musician)
June 17 and 25

Oslo, Norway / Rome, Italy
Courthouse / Svenska Kyrkan
Personal: Silje married Heine Totland
June 25
Norwegian TV (TV Norge)

In the program Pictionary: Silje and stand-up comedian Hans Morten Hansen were in the Arne Lendl team compting against the Hanne Løvåsen team
July 9 and 10
Tjøme, Norway
Gamle Ormelet 
"Det hender så mangt en sommernatt". A cabaret specially written for Gamle Ormelet, about summer guests, sweet music, dancing at the boarding house, meetings in bushes and thickets and steamy summer love. With Silje Nergaard at the head of a bunch of Vestfold's best musicians: Reidar Vinje Stensvold (vocals, guitar), responsible for the music, Olaf ''Knerten'' Kamfjord (vocals, bass) and Jon K. Rosslund (drums, percussion)
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August 5 Oslo, Norway Domkirke Oslo Jazz Festival; with the Ytre Suløen Jassensemble; also Arne Domnerus is mentioned as guest musician (uncertain if he joined the concert, see August 8)
program Festival
August 8
Oslo, Norway
Stortorvets Giæstgiveri
Oslo Jazz Festival; with the Ytre Suløen Jassensemble
in the program Arne Domnerus is mentioned as guest musician, but it looks he was not playing in this concert; Silje is not mentioned, but joined this concert
August 13 Haugasund, Norway on the small island Røvær, kapell Sildajazz, with the Ytre Suløen Jassensemble
Hemnes (Hemnesberget), Norway

October 9 Lillehammer, Norway Lillehammer kirke Dølajazz, opening concert; with the Vestoppland Kammerkor (directed by Ragnar Rasmussen), Arne Domnerius and Rune Gustavsson
October 28
Bergen, Norway
Clarion Admiral Hotel
Revue, cabaret: Steinar Lyse (comdy) and Silje Nergaard (music) are visiting Tor Endresen
November 29
Oslo, Norway
Oslo konserthus
The Salvation Army's Christmas Concert, that got the name "A New Chance"; Silje and her husband Heine Totland among other musicians.
Broadcasted on December 25. 1998 on Norwegian TV (NRK1)
December 10
Hamar, Norway
First apparance of the new Silje Nergaard Quartet: Silje Nergaard (vocals), Tord Gustavsen (piano), Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Harald Johnsen (double bass). Concert based on jazz standard songs. Silje sang songs by, among others, George Gershwin and a number of her own songs

Christmas concert with Anita Skorgan, Marianne Antonsen and Rita Eriksen (a capella quartet)?