Silje's appearances

the year 1998 - August 8.


part of the article about the Oslo Jazz Festival in: Jazznytt, Nr. 3 1998 - Domkirken and Stortorvet Gjæstgiveri

Translation by Dag Sirnes (blocks in grey above):

Domkirken and Stortorvets Giæstgiveri

Magnolia Jazzband's concert in Oslo Cathedral on Friday night is a sure regular at the Oslo Jazz Festival.


For many, 'Open House' at Stortorvets Giæstgiveri on Saturday night is probably the very heart of the festival, with music from three stages until late at night.


On the second floor played Ytre Suløen, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. They brought with them Silje Nergaard, who also attended the concert in the Cathedral a couple of days before. Suløen is an orchestra with a very special expression, which sometimes hits and other times is less successful. A distinctive feature of this band is an unorthodox choice of songs, often melodies from recent times. Here are also several excellent musicians. But Suløen struggles with the rhythmic, is often 'on the edge' and can slip into the 'spout and run' version, as I experienced it at Giæstgiveriet. The combination with Silje Nergaard was not particularly lucky in my opinion, as Suløen and Nergaard operated in two different sound worlds that could not be mixed. But having said that: Jens Arne Molvær's interpretation of Quincy Jones' ''The Midnight Sun Will Never Set'' was a moving moment.