Silje's appearances

the year 1989


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date place, country / broadcast venue details
February 12
Gjøvik, Norway
Café Fønix
Mellow Yellow
February 14
Kristiansand , Norway
Down Town
Silje and Mellow Yellow (Knut Reiersrud was at this time included into the Band)
February 15 Stavanger, Norway Folken Mellow Yellow: Silje, Knut Reiersrud and Nils Einar Vinjor (guitar), Audun Erlien (bass), Per Hillestad (drums) and Reidar Skår (keys); Silje sang among other things the song "Bad Luck" and the ballad "Why does not anybody care?", later renamed "Does Anybody Care?", used for the documentary film "For Harde Livet!"
Note: Richard Niles and Matthew Sztumpf of Stirling Artistes Management in London were visiting the concert; Niles had heard a demo of Silje before Christmas

Febuary 18
Husnes, Norway
Husnes Hotel
Mellow Yellow with Silje Nergaard
February 24 Drammen, Norway Henrik's Pøbb Mellow Yellow, with (among others) Silje, Per Hillestad and Knut Reiersrud
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April 6
cinemas in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Tromsø
Premiere of the documentary film "For Harde Livet!" (For Your Life), with Siljes song "Does Anybody Care?";
later the documentary also came available on VHS video
June 1 (around)
Los Angeles, United States of America
At My Place
Showcase event for talent scouts from music production companies
July 2
London, United Kingdom
Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club
Silje and Band
July 22
Bremanger, Norway
Havly Pensjonat / Kafé
Rockweekend Festival; Silje with Knut Reiersrud
August 11 Skaugum (Asker), Norway at the fields outside The Crown Prince's residence
Skaugum-89, National Scout Meeting, with 19,000 participants (August 5-12th.); Bjørn Eidsvåg is doing a concert and Morten Harket is his guest singer; Silje Nergaard, Sigvart Dagsland and Mortimer & The Pancakes sing in the choir (the song Det Er Ennå Tid); besides this Silje was singing more songs
August 22
Oslo, Norway
Silje wih Audun Erlien, Knut Reiersrud, Nils Einar Vinjor, Reidar Skår and Neal Wilkinson

October 7
Bergen, Norway
Rock Out 1989 (Oct. 7 - 15); Silje Nergaard Band