Silje's appearances

the year 1989 - Februari 24.




Article in the newspaper Drammens Tidende og Buskeruds blad, Friday February 23 (left) and 24. 1989


Translation article by Dag Sirnes:

Mellow Yellow at Henriks Pøbb

Drammen: Silje Nergaard and her band ''Mellow Yellow'' play at Henrik's Pøbb in Drammen tonight. Which means high expectations and quality music at a high level.

Silje Nergaard sails up as an artist with her own "sound" based on self-made material, exactly what is expected of a Norwegian band with an identity today.

Silje started her career in the autumn of 1985, and marketed herself under her first name. She garnered much praise in the press and among the audience, but the big breakthrough never came. Today it is "Mellow Yellow" instead of "Silje", which means that it is not about a solo artist, but a whole band where her voice is part of a holistic soundscape, created over a music that is catchy, dynamic and dance-friendly.