Silje's appearances

the year 1989 - Februari 24.




Article in the newspaper Drammens Tidende og Buskeruds blad, Monday, February 27. 1989


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Mellow Yellow

Putting Silje Nergaard and her band Mellow Yellow in just one musical style is impossible. The band has nothing to do with Donovan either.

After the concert on Friday eve and night at Henrik's Pøbb, it is clear that Silje Nergaard is quite different from most others who have been on Henrik's stage. For better or worse. Most of a large audience came first to the second set, and I do not believe in any uniform experience of this concert. The reviewer, on the other hand, found very much to be happy about.

It is not completely finished, and Silje Nergaard does not yet master to perfection what she is trying to do. She sweeps over a myriad of styles, rude and free-spirited, she's into jazz, jazz rock, a bit of blues, a bit of pop and a bit of everything else. The music is unpredictable, has far more and bolder harmonies than we usually struggle with, and has room for experimentation. It is exciting, and by far Silje Nergaard and the band succeed with their music. In addition, she sings more than well, her voice is big, round, and she has something she wants to say and give.

When you choose such musically difficult roads, instead of the smooth, predictable, rhythmic monotone etc., most things can happen. And one of the reasons why a lot happened, is called Knut Reiersrud. One of Norwegian music's most colorful guitarists provided a wealth of whimsy and musical ingenuity: Jazz rock on electric mandolin - for example.

Furthermore, Audun Erlien impressed a lot on bass. The band swung, rocked and jazzed, and the atmosphere was completely different than with the usual rock mood.

A nice evening, arranged by Musikkforum. Unorthodox, unfinished, but quite exciting music.

                                                                                              Martin Haug