The Lifetime Years

compilation 1990-1993 with one new track


  1. Tell Me Where You're Going [a] / single version
  2. Fall [a]
  3. Faces [a]
  4. Waltz for You [a]
  5. The Middle of Love [a]
  6. For Tomorrow [a]
  7. Tell Me Where You're Going [a] / featuring Pat Metheny
  8. What Is Bobby Doin'? [b]
  9. Where You Are [b] / duet with Morten Harket
  10. Holding Back Inside [b]
  11. Walking Behind You [b]
  12. Quiet Place [b] / duet with Mark Conell
  13. Cow On The Highway [c]
  14. So Many Roads To Sorrow [c]
  15. Care [c]
  16. All Over Town [c]
  17. On And On [c]
  18. You've Gotta Hold My Hand [d]

[a] = track from the album Tell Me Where You're Going
[b] = track from the album Silje
[c] = track from the album Cow On The Highway
[d] = first time on disk