2014 - presents for Siljes colleagues in the week of the Hver Gang Vi Møtes recordings

In the summer of 2014 seven musicians came together for the recordings for the
documentary series Hver Gang Vi Møtes, broadcasted succersfully in the beginning of 2015 on Norwegian TV.
Siljes creative skills do go beyond her musical talents. We know about the sculptures she made
and the various drawings that can be found at her album Tell Me Where You're Going.

In January and February 2015 Silje posted pictures on her Facebook pages from the plates that she painted,
to give to her colleagues from Hver Gang Vi Møtes. Compare these with the pictures on your Tell Me Where You're Going album!


For Bjarne Brøndbo from the band D.D.E.

Inger Lise Rypdal.

For Jonas Fjeld.

Lene Nystrøm.

Pål Tøien (OnklP).

For Thom Hell.

Silje making these presents for her colleagues in the summer week she was at Vestre Kjærnes Gård.