Silje's appearances

the year 2015 - January and February



Fourth saison of the documentary series 'Hver gang vi møtes' (Every Time We Meet) with Silje Nergaard (48), together with Bjarne Brøndbo (49), Inger Lise Rypdal (64), Pål «OnklP» Tøien (30), Lene Nystrøm (41), Thom Hell (38) and Jonas Fjeld (61). The artists came together for a week in the summer of 2014, in Vestre Kjærnes farm near Moss, for the recordings. All artists covered songs from their colleages at the farm and did some duets.
There were eight episodes in total. In the episodes 1 till 7, each day was dedicated to one of the musicians (guest of honour). The other colleagues were singing covers than of that musician. In the last episode musicians sang together.
The series are based on a Dutch format called 'De beste zangers van Nederland' (The Best Singers of the Netherlands).

The musicians in 'Hver gang vi møtes' 2015, the picture was made in 2014:
Bjarne Brøndbo, Silje Nergaard, Inger Lise Rypdal, Jonas Fjeld, Thom Hell, Lene Nystrøm and Pål «OnklP» Tøien.

The CD of this Hver gang vi møtes sesong 4 is containing 23 of the songs from this series. All songs from the eight TV episodes are listed here:

3.1.2015: Episode 1 Bjarne Brøndbo
10.1.2015: Episode 2 Lene Nystrøm
17.1.2015: Episode 3 Jonas Fjeld
24.1.2015: Episode 4 OnklP
31.1.2015: Episode 5 – Silje Nergaard
7.2.2015: Episode 6 – Thom Hell (actually called: Thomas Helland)
14.2.2015: Episode 7 – Inger Lise Rypdal
21.2.2015: Episode 8 – Duets

Look at the presents Silje made for her colleagues of Hver gang vi møtes.