Silje's appearances

the year 1990


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date place, country / broadcast venue details
February Rio de Janeiro, Brazil recordings with Pat Metheny (Tell Me Where You're Going, acoustic version)
February 24 Oslo, Norway Musikkbørsen  
appr. February/March Londen, UK Ronnie Scott's Silje with Band: showcase concert for press, music industry and radio employees
appr. February/March London, UK Mean Fiddler Silje with Band: showcase concert for press, music industry and radio employees
March 26   Norwegian release single Tell Me Where You're Going
April 14 Norwegian TV (NRK 1) program Lørdagsrevy Silje in this (evening) program: interview and video
April/May (?) London, UK The Borderline Silje with her Band
review with picture
May 7  Oslo, Norway Smuget releaseparty album Tell Me Where You're Going
May 28 Oslo, Norway Smuget singing accompanied by Richard Niles (guitar) instead of the Band (Nils E. Vinjor, Audun Erlien, Reidar Skår and Neal Wilkinson)
July 14 Stockholm, Sweden Karlshälls Gård live on Swedish TV (TV3) in the program called 'Aschberg og Butt', moderated by  Robert Aschberg; Silje (singing), LillBabs and Jan Myrdal (author, interview) were guests
August/September touring
September London, UK exhibition of Silje's work as creating artist: 3-dimensional pictures, The International Festival/Bazaar des Arts
October ±17 Oslo, Norway Smuget Silje was singing here in the week October 14-21 (one week with Norwegian rock, blues, R&B en jazzrock)
autumn Japan first tour in Japan
a bottle of wine was named after her: "Silje Rose"
December London, UK Trafalgar Square Christmas songs; Silje among others singing Å, Kom Alle Kristne (in English) and, with a chorus, Oh Come All Ye Faithful