Silje's appearances

the year 1990 - September 11.



Article about knee problems, to be solved before the tour in Japan.
Nordlandsposten, Wednesday September 12. 1990

Translated by Dag Sirnes:

From London to Fauske

By: Linda V. Sæbbe

Yesterday, our new pop star Silje Nergaard came the long way from London to Fauske to get a knee injury fixed. It is her trust in the 'miracle man' 'Harald Skogvoll in Fauske that is the reason for her visit.

Silje Nergaard has been in contact with hospitals and experts both far and near to overcome her problem. But no one but Skogvoll is able to repair the troublesome knee.

Since Silje was 18-19 years old, she has been bothered by water in her knee, without there being any external reasons for it.

' I have been in contact with Skogvoll once before. That was three years ago. During a concert at Sinus, I had to stand on one leg and sing. To walk I had to use crutches. A local soundman gave me the tip to try Skogvoll at Fauske. After half an hour at Skogvoll, I was able to throw the crutches,'' says Silje.

For several years after, Silje has had a pain-free knee. But then the plague reappeared for the pop comet. Silje lives in London and first tried experts there - to no avail.

''Then it was just to go to Fauske again. I will be launched in Japan, and will go there in 14 days. Then the knee must work as it should,'' says Silje. Harald Skogvoll is best known in the sports community. Many athletes have received help for their injuries from him. He himself is not so interested in publicity and attention.

''I press on painful points. I have learned this as a craft. As far as I know, I am the only one who does this,'' says Skogvoll himself.

''But it's bad that Silje has to go all the way to Fauske to get over her problems, even though I appreciate the visit,'' he adds. But the long journey no longer worries Silje. She is just happy and pleased that Skogvoll has once again done wonders with her troublesome knee.

Caption: Silje Nergaard took the trip from London to Fauske to get rid of her pain and problems with a knee. Harald Skogvoll could send her back again, without pain.