Silje's appearances

the year 1988 - April 22 and 23



Advert in the newspaper Nordlys, Friday April 22. 1988

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

På Byen (At the town)

PRELATEN. Nice concert at Prelaten on Friday and Saturday. Silje Nergaard, Audun Erlien and Knut Reiersrud come from Oslo. This is a trio that has traveled all over the country  for the past year. They have an exciting and varied repertoire, from delicate ballet tik the pure madness, to quote the press release.

Silje (20) is from Hamar, and she has a background in jazz and pop. A warm and distinctive voice and strong charisma.

Audun is considered to be one of the country's most exciting new bass talents, and has a background from both jazz, blues and pop contexts. 

Knut has his background mainly from the blues, and is the lead guitarist in the group Heavy Gentlemen.

Wednesday is Alph night at Prelaten, with free admission.

Caption: Silje Nergaard is vocalist in the trio who visit Prelaten on Friday and Saturday.

[PS: Alph refers to the Prelate's own house troubadour Alph Olsen]