Med Blanke Ark

Silje singing on discs with colleagues


About this album

Two articles in Hamar Arbeiderblad (October 3. and 4. 1994) are bringing background information about this album. The album is a tribute to the writer and singer Alf Prøysen who would have turned 80 years old on July 23. in 1994.Prøysen lived in Ringsaker, north of Hamar. He was famous nationwide for his folky songs and writings, especially mounted for children, for instance with the radio program ''Barnetimen for de minste - ved Alf Prøysen'' (Childrens' program for the very youngest - with Alf Prøysen). Around NOK 25 of each record sold will go to a fund for Prøysenhuset in Ringsaker. A house that will be a museum for Prøysen's life and work.

''It is an honor to be a part of it'', the only Hedmark artist on the CD, Silje Nergaard, clearly states. Silje who sang Prøysen songs to dad's guitar accompaniment when she was small.

"The artists have shaped the songs, so the expression must be credited to them themselves," says artistic director Sigbjørn Nedland. He admits that he is excited about what the audience thinks about the artists singing in their own dialect and not trying out the 'Hedmark' dialect. "We thought it would be most true to Prøysen," says Nedland.

''I started with songs I wanted to include, and then picked out the artists. I knew in advance just about how it would sound. For example, I chose Silje to sing 'Så seiler vi på Mjøsa' ('Then we sail on Lake Mjøsa'), precisely because I thought that Silje was suitable to sing this song", says Sigbjørn Nedland. "I was lucky to get this song," says Silje Nergaard after the concert on October 1. in Brummenddal. ''Actually, this is a very jazzy and demanding melody. I almost got a kick out of singing jazz again - I feel at home in that setting. It was also nice to sing in (standard) Norwegian. I hope people from Hedmark carry on with my way of singing'', she laughs.

                 Silje in the booklet with the CD
                  (photographer: Bjørn Opsahl


          The album on Music Cassette (1994)