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We Should Be Happier By Now

music: Silje - lyrics: Mike McGurk

in pre-release appearances or as a demo


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[text in the booklet, compilation album]

We'll part as friends I think we said
And chose our separate paths to tread
We should be happier by now...
Had that move been wise

It's for the best I think we thought
To turn our backs on battles fought
We should be happier by now...
Trylng peace for size

We were lucky saw the signs
Warning us that we mlght spoil... each others lives
Read between but never saw the lines
That he who loves and runs away... merely survives

The break was clean with no regret
On this we both agree... and yet
We should be happier by now...
Free of all the lies

Time and space may heal a heart
We can find no place to start
We should be happier by now...
Is written in our eyes