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The Harm That We Do

music: Silje (and Jesper Nordenstrom?) - lyrics: Mike McGurk

in pre-release appearances or as a demo

release info

Used by Jannike Kruse in 2009 on his album Med Andre Ord, the song was translated into Norwegian by Haakon Strøm and was called Skaden Vi Gjør. According to the booklet with this album the music was written by Silje alone, therefore 'Jesper Nordenstrom?' probably has nothing to do with this song.


** The song "The Harm That We Do" (since June 2005 available at www.universalmusic.no, never released by Silje) was removed from universalmusic.no around March 22. 2006. By mistake Universal Music Norway first asked to remove the song from silje.nl, but it was located at the universalmusic.no website in the chapter Lyd/Video. The song only was mentioned at silje.nl with a link pointing to the indexpage of Universal Norways' website.