People around Silje

in her musical carreer


Malcolm Maddock

I was a Fan of Silje long before we worked together.


Malcolm Maddock and Silje met in the early ninetees of the last century. Malcolm worked with many musicians, for instance with Shania Twain and Stevie Wonder.


"Silje was releasing her album in Japan at the end of 1991 and we were flown over to do a promotional gig in an Ancient Temple (Heian Shrine in Kyoto). The first music to be played there ever. I got to know Silje through Richard Niles as I used to do lots of sessions for him with many other artists. I was a Fan of Silje long before we worked together, so when the opportunity arose to make music with her it was very enjoyable. Also during the Japan trip Silje was showing an exhibition of her paintings in one of the large department stores." 
Silje's album was released at the end of November that year.

On the album The Art Of Romance Malcolm is playing the piano in a couple of songs. The album, with songs composed by Mayumi (from Japan), was recorded in 1993. Silje partly did lead vocals, partly backing vocals.