People around Silje

in her musical carreer


Jørn Fodnestøl

Jørn played together with Silje for some time in the early eighties.


"I think it was in 1983 when I, through some friends, was invited to Hamar city to play with Silje as a bass player. She had just finished a TV performance with her band, and I think maybe she was looking for other musician or another additional band, I don't know. She was so talented and when we rehearsed at a school in Hamar I was really happy with the setting. There were a couple of drummers around - I can recall both Lage Børresen and Stein Helset. The guitarist Calle Hedløv was from my town Gjøvik, just the other side of the lake Mjøsa.

The popular Yamaha DX-7 digital synthesizer, released in 1983.

We played some Joni Mitchell stuff and I remember Siljes own song about "A Tired Body And A Saxophone". We did some gigs with this band*). I remember Silje had a DX7 synthesizer that was really hip at that time. We did some duo gigs and I played the fretless bass. Then after a gig with our band at Club 7 in Oslo, I think she got the taste of a 'bigger town' and it didn't take long before she was doing things with some excellent musicians there.

At the same time I was picking up my rock guitar again and I started playing heavier things and we grew apart in several ways. She was serious workin' while I was living my life with 'wine, women and rockmusic', he, he. Well, later in 1987 we invited her to do some gigs again with OUR band. But she had moved to Oslo and was going to stay there."

Jørn Fodnestøl, November 2006


*) HdW-note: this was the Silje Nergaard Band