People around Silje

in her musical carreer


Bertil Reithaug

Silje already attracted attention with her musical interrest when she went to primary school in Hamar.


Bertil first met Silje during his education to become a music teacher. He studied in Hamar since 1975 and around 1977 he and some other students had to do practical teaching on a school in Hamar. Silje was one of the kids in the class he was teaching. "Already then we found that Silje was very interrested in music and a good singer. Later on, around 1980, some of us arranged a weekend course/seminar in 'pop/rock' for teenagers in Hamar, both in instruments and song. Silje was one of the participants in this seminar and impressed as a singer here too".

"So, in 1982, when I worked on my album Grenseland, I wanted to do a duet and I thought about this young good singer. I asked Silje to join in and she accepted and we rehearsed a couple of times in her parent’s house. We went to Oslo to record the album. The producer was Jonas Fjeld, a distinguished and well-known Norwegian musician, and the studio was very professional. But Silje was not afraid of anything and acted very professional. If this was her first studio experience, I don’t know. Later on we have met just briefly a couple of times".

The songs on the album Grenseland are written in a dialect from a place called Røros where Bertil grew up, in the province South-Trøndelag in the central part of Norway. Silje knew this dialect in a way (she was born in Steinkjer, in North-Trøndelag, around 150 km away).