The Hague Jazz upbeat (Netherlands)

The mini concert was on April 7. 2010


Press reader

Siljes performance began in the afternoon, during the press conference she did her first song.
In the reader one page is about the Metropole Orchestra with three contributions during this festival.
Below some information about their performance with Silje (all in Dutch).


That evening - at the same location, the World Forum in The Hague - Silje did her mini Unlimited concert,
with her two guitarists
Hallgrim Bratberg and Håvard Bendiksen.
Appr. 75 visitors where seated around tables to listen for one hour to this intimate concert.


Silje and her colleagues did a shortened Unlimited concert with this setlist:

1. Be Still My Heart
2. Shame On You
3. Based On A Thousand True Stories
4. Me Oh My
5. Wayside Song / Silje playing the kantele
The Moon's A Harsh Mistress
Tell Me Where You're Going
8. Japanese Blue
9. Dream A Little Dream
10. Black or White / extra


Silje in her Unlimited line-up, accompanied by two guitars "only". 


Of course: Silje played the kantele singing the Wayside Song.


Håvard Bendiksen



Silje and Hallgrim Bratberg now with blue lightning in the back.



The festival magazine also was presented that day.