Interview Jazz

Article in the Dutch magazine 'Jazz' - nr. 3  (spring/summer)/ 2002


 Opening page of the interview (p. 96-99).
Below a highlightened fragment from the interview telling:
"I think as a singer it's my duty to look for the heart of a song.
I want my songs to be so clear, everbody understands what's it about."


In this magazine also timetables for the forthcoming North Sea Jazz Festival were taken up.
Silje was scheduled for Saturday July 13. 2002 (21.30 -22.45 h.); the final timetable
is a bit different from this table, but the actual concert Silje did was not changed.
See for final timetables that year at http://www.northseajazz.nl/media/pdf/timetable2002.pdf.