HamJam 1983

Silje joined this Band from 1982 till 1984



Picture of the Band HamJam from the article Silje Nergaard ville ut i verden – nå er hun tilbake på Hamar stasjon, about the release of the anniversary double-album in 2020, in Hamar Arbeiderblad from April 29. 2020. Photo from the archives of this local newspaper.

Front row, left to rigt: Lage Thune Myrberget, Bjørn Sandnes, Jan Kola
(Silje's music teacher), Kjell Arne Engen and Ole Jakob Håkonsen;
Back row, left to right: Erland Dalen, Silje Nergaard and Tom Larsen. Note: 'Hjemmelag' means 'Home Team'

Some pictures of Silje with the Hamar based band HamJam. Silje joined this band in September 1982. See the story from Bjørn Sandnes in the chapter People around Silje.
Below two articles from the same newspaper from February 4 and February 7 1983. Thanks to Dag Sirnes for this information on this page and the translation of the articles.


Translation: HamJam at Astoria Hotel, Hamar.
The coming Saturday Hamar Music Forum is arranging jazz cafe at Astoria, and it is the Hamar group HamJam which will do the music. HamJam consists of seven musicians that for many years have made impact at the music arena in Hamar. It is jazz-rock that is closest to the heart for HamJam, but the band also plays everything from old standard tunes to newer pop music. Some of the music is made by the band itself. HamJam consists of the following (members): Kjell Arne Engen, saxophone - Jan Kola, trumpet - Tom Larson, trombone - Erland Dalen, keyboard - Ole Jacob Haakonsen, bass - Lage Boerresen, drums and Bjoern Sandnes, gitar. HamJam will also do a section with the vocalist Silje Nergaard.


Translation: HamJam gathered full house
The Bishop city's [=Hamar] new jazz-rock group HamJam is - without boasting too much - something of the best in this style we have heard for a long time. The group is composed of eminent musicians with versatile background, elaborated arrangements og lots of original produced music. HamJam drew full house at the jazz cafe run by Hamar Music Forum on Saturday (February 5).

An extra nice acquaintance is the young Hamar girl Silje Nergaard which is singing really well. Notice this name, you will hear much about her in the time to come! No wonder that Silje got a nice flower bouquet from people in the hall after her performance. There will be more of that to come.