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Article in the Norwegian weekly magazine'Det Nye', focused on 16-20 year old girls - 29. January 1985


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The global story in this article in 'Det Nye' (The New), edition 5 of 1985:
Silje was surprised she was invited for the Melody Grand Prix(*). Because pop music is not my strongest side she was doubtfull at first
when she was asked for the Grand Prix as a composer. But whenshe had thought about it, she was gratefull the get the oppertunity
to gain recognition as a composer. She is as much a composer as a singer.
As a small kid she liked the Grand Prix with the pop music very much. Later her taste was moving to jazz and most of the Grand Prix songs are bad,
according to Silje. The song Silje made for this competition is an attempt to blend in the Grand Prix format, as well as a tune Silje is standig for.
Silje is composing and writing lyrics herself, most in English. That's not easy and she sings it herself. It will be the most honest then.
Even if it seems unreal, Silje will do her best. "I had never thought that I was going to have something to do with the Grand Prix".

Many people are surprised a young and relative unknown composer will join the Grand Prix, along with a few of the very best from Norway.
Silje only made one single and had a few TV appearances behind her. But it has been enough for the jury-members.
Silje goes at the last class of the Ajer videregående skole(**), most of her spare time goes to the music and the Silje Nergaard Band.
She often plays Oslo and in the area around Hamar.
Silje can't wait to be finished at her school. To get another life.
The morning is the best time for her and know she is at school. In the future she will have the mornings to compose.

Silje started in a LP-project. She will sing in Hans Petter Gundersens Hot Project II(***). The release is planned for the fall. It will be
Siljes debut LP. It will take some time to make her own solo album, and this project has brought her a great leap forward in this respect.
Knowledge about music is not readily available for Silje. But there is no music studies in Norway that appeals to her really.
She is considering the basic courses in music at the University.
But no matter what she is going to do after high school graduate, she will move to Oslo. She will try how it goes.

School and music take most of Siljes time, but she also uses som etime for the Afghanistan committee. "It is important to know that we are
living in the same world as those who are starving and suffering. Our problems are so small, so small when we put them in perspective.
And it is healthy. I find often that's a strain to read newspapers, and Ait is very easy to put it away and forget about. But I try not to do it.".
A small committee in Norway can not do much, but we collected some money at concerts and stands.
The most important thing is the feeling of being with the part of the world, who have been awarded with a minimum of possessions.
Silje also thinks she can can make an effort through her songs.

r e m a r k s :

(*) = The Melodi Grand Prix was on March 30. 1985 in Château Neuf (Oslo). Out of 10 Silje ended at place 8 with the song Si Det, Si Det.
(**) = The Ajer videregående skole (Ajer high school) was in Hamar.
(***) The group Hot Project, with Hans Petter Gundersen released the album Made to Roam in 1984. As far as known there was no
Hot Project II or another release with Silje and Hans Petter Gundersen in 1985 or later.

Cover of Det Nye magazine nr. 5 in 1985, with the article about Silje.