Millionsatsing [Million support]

Article in Bergens Arbeiderblad, Saturday May 26. 1990


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Bergens Arbeiderblad Saturday 26 May 1990 - Million support

Silje. 23 years. Born in Steinkjer. Grew up at Hamar. Moved to Oslo as a 19-year-old. Now living in London. Enters into one of the world's most insecure professions where money controls most things. "I did not know that the pop industry was so corrupt," admits Silje.

By: Tore Bø

''You are pretty naive when you start with this. Want to believe the best about people. But in the record companies, people sit first and foremost and count money. The music comes second.''

''I've been lucky. Have people and a company behind me who believe in what I do. I mostly have to make my own choices.'', says Silje who has cut out the surname Nergaard. The British have enough difficulties as they have with Silje.

"Have heard the strangest pronunciations of my name," she laughs.


For four days she has been stressing around and trying to tell local TV people, the press and other media workers how brilliant and necessary the record is.

''Stress, yes. But I think I have something to give. Sounds undeniably like a cliché, but I'm really happy with the record. It's not mainstream. Something is probably due to the fact that I have my own, Norwegian band on the record. Everything is original stuff, this I have been tinkering with for many years."

''I have been described as a jazz singer. You can certainly find elements of jazz, but here are also country-influenced melodies, as well as pop that has taken some influence from Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell."

Living people

''Today there are far too many records based on an electronic sound image. With us, machines are almost not in use. This is music played for and by living people.''

''I do not have the big messages to convey textually. It's about everyday and easily recognizable experiences, which most people can identify with.''

After a few days rest with good friends in the capital, Silje returns to London where she will present her new LP "live" on June 6 and 7 during performances on The Borderline.

No trifles

These are not trifles the company Lifetime has spat into the project '' Silje ''. One million kroner is the preliminary amount. It resulted in an 85th place on the singles chart with the light-hearted country tune "Tell Me Where You're Going".

"Then you can imagine what it costs to reach the top of the hit lists," she says.

Super guitarist Pat Metheny has recorded an acoustic version of the so-called hit melody, with Silje. It can be found on the CD which also contains two tracks you will not get on either cassette or LP.

"Obviously, it's a real inspiration when an artist like Pat Metheny likes what you do."

Waited for six years

He's not the only one who has lit. Randi Hultin - the jazz expert in Aftenposten. was apparently the first. In Bergen, it was Bergen Arbeiderblad who discovered her. Big words were used after the Bergen debut in Café Opera.

''Although I got good reviews already as a 17-year-old, I have waited for six years before I introduced myself on the world market. I think it's beneficial to perfect yourself before you try in a larger context.''

Silje has already written enough material for a new album, but right now it's about not stumbling in the beginning.

''I feel safe about the album that will be released next Monday in Norway. It has been thoroughly worked out."

Too restless

''For years I have been dreaming about this. After high school, it was meant to complete music studies, but was too restless and had too much energy.''

''I'm not aiming for a traditional pop career. Hope what I deliver has lasting value and that I have a few years ahead of me in an industry that is completely erratic. How to explain that Bonnie Raitt, after 20 years of toil, suddenly sells in millions of copies in the US and knocks out both Janet Jackson and New Kids On The Block? And she has fixed that by relentlessly continuing to play her form of bluesy rock and being who she is.''

''I'm not going for any particular image. Hope there is enough image to be personal in everything I do.''

Caption: No cohabitant. Silje is investing everything in her career right now. She has no 'cohabitant' in London. Millions have been spit into the debut album.

''Did not know that the record industry was so corrupt''