Silje Nergaard - a marvellous singer-songwriter



2CD Silje Nergaard, original
releasedate 27. March 2020, but posponed till May 1. 2020

During these days, when normal life isn't normal, Silje is offering her Livingroom Sessions,
see here
Facebook account. The first concerts were on March 28. and April 3.


CD1 - "Japanese Blue" - electronic release 28. February 2020
A selection of well known songs from the 30 year carreer and some covers - vocals and piano

CD2 - "Hamar Stasjon - Hamar Railway Station"
New personal songs inspired by memories of Siljes childhood in Hamar - Silje and her Band


2CD Silje Nergaard, to be released May 1. 2020