Pictures North Sea Jazz concert 2009

With the Dutch Metropole String Orchestra, Rotterdam, July 11. 2009


Forecourt of Ahoy in Rotterdam that day, with the entrance of this building before the doors were opened.
At the left a band amusing the people waiting to get in. That day over 23.000 visitors were counted.


In total 60 concerts were scheduled at 14 stages at North Sea Jazz that day.
Silje, her band and the Metropole Strings performed at the Hudson stage.


Silje playing the kantele during the Wayside Song. In the dark at the right Vince Mendoza conducting the orchestra.


 Silje's Band started as the Ukulele-Amigos when she did an oldie - Tell Me Where You're Going
from her international debut in 1990 - presented in a nowadays version.


Silje dancing on a solo Helge Lien did on piano. Trond-Viggo Solås (instead of Finn Guttormsen) on bass.

Jarle Vespestad. 


Håvar Bendiksen doing his skat solo.


Some close-ups from Silje.





Silje thanking the orchestra.



The setlist for Svein Graf, the sound technician:
1. Based On A Thousand True Stories
2. Dreamers At Heart
3. Come In From The Garden
4. Wayside Song
5. Let Me Be Troubled
6. Tell Me Where You're Going
7. Nightroad
8. Laura
9. Dance Me Love
10. Take A Long, Long Walk
11. Be Still My Heart
12. Japanese Blue