Pictures concert Amsterdam 2008

With the Dutch Metropole Orchestra, Paradiso, April 5. 2008


To the second serie with some pictures from after the concert.

Silje was very excited to do this concert where she was accompanied by the string- and rhythmsection
of the Dutch Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Vince Mendoza, enhanced by Jarle Vespestad on drums.
This magnificent match between Silje and the orchestra will lead to an album later this year.
Photography at this page, except for one picture: Toos and Noud Landewers

Some days before the concert Silje was rehearsing with the orchestra in Hilversum.


Because this concert was special for Silje, she invited several people from Norway to come over.
Among them were her parents, her husband Heine and her lyricist Mike McGurk.


Tthe setlist from this concert is available at a seperate page.


Surprisingly Silje and Heine where doing I Don't Want To See You Cry together.



The audiance was as enthousiastic as Silje was. They asked for an extra after the extras,
and that was why the new song Come In From The Garden was done for the second time that evening.

Part of the string orchestra with Jarle in the front behind his drums just bending down. This picture was made by Magda Noga.


To the second serie with some pictures from after the concert.