How to help



When you have information about releases that are missing here please let me know! Also information on release-data, (old) data of public or private concerts or other musical events not mentioned here are welcome. Maybe you have self-made pictures from a gig or concert Silje did, or you even have (demo-)material with early versions of songs recorded later or even never recorded stuff. I would like to hear that of course ... 
From the discs and videos mentioned below I would like to have information and/or scans to add to these pages. Maybe you even can help me to obtain one of these items for my personal collection, and of course I am also interested in items not mentioned at this website!


year item scans /
1982? Praising (MC) no yes
1983 poster Kalv°ya Festival: HamJam is a poster name no yes
1990? Tell Me Where You're Going (promo-video-VHS) yes yes
1991? I Need Your Love (promo-video-VHS) yes yes
1991 For Tomorrow (MusicCassette-single-Lifetime-(TCEM 184?)) yes yes
2000 Shame On You (promo-video-NTSC(and PAL?) yes yes
2001 TV show with the National Broadcasting Philharmonics (promo video-VHS) yes yes