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Silje's interior photographed


In 2007 the Norwegian publisher business Orion published a book called "Norske interiører nå" (Nowadays Norwegian interiors) written by Isabel Watson and with pictures from Erle Kyllingmark. In this book many pictures of interiors can be found from twenty Norwegians. One of them is the house of Silje and her husband Heine Totland, with an enormous common room with a grand piano and a view on the Oslofjords, where they created a rich and inspiring family live.

Norske interiører nå, Isabel Watson & Erle Kyllingmark, Orion Forlag AS (Norway), 2007, ISBN 978-82-458-0821-6
The pages 184-191 are showing images of Silje's house. Below some fragments of these pages.


image © Orion Forlag AS (Norway) 2007

A compilation of pictures. See for instance the detail in the middle with an invitation for a banquet to be given
at Buckingham Palace by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh in honeur of the King and Queen of Norway
the 25th. October 2005. In 2002 Silje did some
closed concerts with a Royal couple from Norway,
the Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, for diplomats and corporate executives.


image © Orion Forlag AS (Norway) 2007

To see more of the view over the fjord two pages are used, therefore the fold at the right.



Next to the inside in Silje's house through this book, Silje's house also was in the German TV program (ZDF) "Volle Kanne" on August 10. 2007: 'Wohnen & Design: Besuch in einem Fjordhaus bei Silje Nergaard'. A serie of pictures (go to: Zur ZDFmediathek) from this program is online, a selection can be seen here.
German intro about this inside: Zu Besuch bei Silje Nergaard / Skandinavien bietet mehr als Fjorde und Wälder: In Sachen Architektur und Design ist Skandinavien Vorreiter. Wohnraumdesignerin Ann-Kathrin Otto ist zu Besuch in Oslo. Jazz-Sängerin Silje Nergaard öffnet für Volle Kanne ihr Zuhause.

all five image © ZDF (Germany) 2007 - Volle Kanne, 10.08.2007