Celebrity effects

Ambassador for Children's Village


At the first of July 2004 Silje and Live Maria Roggen were presented as ambassadors for the Blantyre-project (Malawi) from SOS Children's Village for a three years period. The project was a co-operation of SOS-barnebyer, Kongsberg Jazzfestival and Kongsberg city. The SOS Children’s Village that was built in Blantyre has one house called the Jazzhouse. The Jazzhouse was ready in 2006. Twelve orphan children now have a new home in the Jazzhouse, where they will grow up with siblings and a SOS mother.

In 2005 Silje visited the project in Malawi. Her diary from this trip was published in the newspaper Dagbladet on July 2, where this picture is from. In the second week from April 2008 Silje was in Malawi again together with her daughter Erle. In 2012 Silje still is connected to this organization. At the end of September she visited Malawi again, followed by a TV-team. This trip will be broadcasted on TV in the Artistgalla at TV2.

image © Dagbladet (Norway) 2005 - photo: Bjørn-Owe Holmberg